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To develop people and make them available permanently is one of the main tasks of the contemporary leader. Finally, to be aware consumes a lot of energy.

Do you know the mantra of “right person in the right place”?  Management experts are starting to believe that the mantra is incorrect, for being incomplete. Due to this, a new one has been created “the right person in the right place at the right time and for the right time”.

Why? First things first, the deconstruction of the mantra: the “right person” refers to the professional that come with the skills and competencies required to excellently perform the tasks that assigned.

The “right place” has a double meaning: refers to a set of routines dominated by person and also a set of problems that the person is able to solve with autonomy.

The expression “on time” shows the first catch: If one person dominates what needs to be done, making the task almost automatic, the person doesn’t feel challenge and loses the interest to do the task. So, the right time is before the person loses her reasons. (The alternative is the immediate superior generate reasons from the outside in, basically by means of remuneration-absence of grounds is expensive).

And what about “for a short period”? This is the second catch. Any activity becomes tedious when a person gets a lot of time doing it. The personal challenge disappears that and the person stops learning. The person should be kept in that function only while there is something to be learned.

If you agree with what I’m saying, the reader will want to learn how distribute people according to this new mantra, generating the best value for money to the organization. The first golden rule: leading is permanently developing people and analyzing if the person is past the proper time for the task.

In fact, leading has always meant to select, develop and distribute the best professionals across the organization. The dream of a few leaders is to have a perfect team ready, which lasts forever is just a dream. What happens today is that the demand for it is much steeper.

I know what you’re thinking: “there is only so much energy to generate development and still meet all other functions of leadership.” (see table below).

In fact, and maybe that is the explanation for why so many people opt for technical careers and not leadership. But, if you chose to walk the path of leadership you are already “damned” to develop people all the time: don’t complain, or it will only increase this punishment.


  1. Keep up with a schedule and overcome the goals.
  2. Develop or, preferably, get people to develop solutions to the problems of daily routines.
  3. Solve the major technical issues that affect the routine and use them to train people on how to solve them.
  4. Create synergy between peers.
  5. Give direct support to superiors in the short, medium and long term.
  6. Manage your own career.
  7. Develop and distribute people permanently by the organization.

Therefore, choose the right attitude to not repent on leadership: your job, as a leader, is to develop and make available the best people for other organizational areas.

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